The New Village Project
       ( I have to change my life )   
                     an experience

Page 1: Notes of a private inventory, in an unobtrusive manner (about humility)



Since some time the hypothesis of the "I" has got cracks and we all know by now that even the last ignoramus is challenged.                   

You have to change your life! But who could say this to whom?

Our modern psyche is in the meanwhile organized in such a way that we would not allow anymore any authority to say to us that we have to do something. But some things have to be done, have to be changed. Now!

The world is disenchanted - don´t let this be true.                    (important)

1.1.a  I have to change my life

1.1.b  The missing prologue

1.1.c  What exactly means new?

1.1.d   1 minute exercise


Manuela Johanna Covini