The world is disenchanted - don′t let this be true

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The genesis of void

54.1.a. The genesis of a void, that can be a short and precise formula
that decribes the current situation. It is this emptiness of the ego.
          Since some time t
he hypothesis of the "I" has got cracks.
And we all know by now that even the last ignoramus is challenged.
But still we stuck.

You have to change your life! But who could say this to whom?

Our modern psyche is in the meanwhile organized in such a way that we would not allow anymore any authority to say to us that we have to do something.
54.1.b. About happiness:  

                                Manuela Johanna Covini   

But some things have to be done, have to be chan


But reality is a promise
 Manuela Johanna Covini

The trap
comfort zone


So the question of the world can not be detached of the question of the subject.

There has existed a considerable amount of narratives, and yet the understandings of the whole period modernity is a sad error.
The promise of progress and prosperity has forced homogeneity. The promise has become a generalized but unvaried historical canon.
As a result, it seems impossible to grasp and comprehend the multiple and complex turns throughout this historical period.
But do we really have to waste time anaylizing this Gordian knot, trying to grasp some of those threads.
We will miss these hours and we will have only this one life available despite vaccinations.
So what is a good and right life, how do I fill the years, the hours, the moments.
I already managed to synchronize my life with the world. Now I try get out of it.

                Manuela Johanna Covini    

"Our sense of inconsistency is just an effect of this silly belief in the permanence of the ego and the little care we give to what constitutes us" . The separation of "I" and "world" in the Western tradition extends to the whole of society and its relation to the environment. According to
Fritjof Capra, this results in ecological, social and cultural crises of the present.

The Eastern view of the world is organic. Here, human beings see themselves as part of the whole. Man feels that he belongs to the universe, and all phenomena are interconnected and dynamic through reciprocal relationships.
This world view is based on time and I Ching (change).

The universe is understood as a fundamental unity.