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I have to change my life)
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                                     The restoration of the myth and a sense of wholeness

(Note: Rotations of a body around its own axis are irrelevant for the description of the movement)

ῥίζωμα (form)

The desire for a good life (as a very privat ecology) is made up of many needs, reasons, arguments and visions. And I think one can only grasp and show this narrative as a rhizome-like entity, because everything in the world is connected.

Modernity, really invented the loser

Our immune system, as the last free territory is also occupied now! Great!
So, how can I still function in the closed circulation system of my society? What is my job as an artist - as a private individual? Does it still make sense to handle it differently?
Today, the production of our self must be about responsibility, not to be successful in making a selfie without a double chin.
But by the way – let me make a note on selfie:

A selfie - this is, controlling the view, of others on me. And therefore, only the selfie promises, this claim, to autonomy.

about water




generating alternatives
Examining some of the differences and influences on my planetary perspective by generating alternatives to our current situation.

We already managed to synchronize our own history with the history of the world. Is this really true?
Ok - time is running faster: everyday life, environment, the circumstances in general, are changing almost every hour. There is no chance to live one´s life with the very first mindset. This is the quality of this time: changes and transformations are enforced.
And that means: My attitude, my point of view, my insight is constantly overwritten. With me - or without me. It just happens.
But am I more connected with the world? Unfortunately, these overwritings are only working on our verticality. The modern „i“ is still working on going upright and making fire.


      Manuela Johanna Covini

                                    The diary

I am sure I do not have to say a lot about the sadness we are living in. I do not have to say much about the crippling feeling of powerlessness, about the anger and madness, alternating between despair and indifference.

And I am believable, when I explain, that the whole heaviness of the world reaches me - anytime and anywhere.

                    Manuela Johanna Covini, artist, journalist

                    Manuela Johanna Covini

                           I am my own algorithm                                         



Nothing compares with the light of the day.
Nothing compares with the sound of wind.
Nothing compares with liberty.

(I have to change my life)