(I have to change my life)    
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                                        a gesture of modesty

Perfection appears imperfect
but has no flaw.
Fulfillment appears as emptiness
but has no limit.

Great truth is paradox.
Great wisdom is self-evident.               Manuela Johanna Covini
Great eloquence is unpracticed.

Movement overcomes cold.
Tranquility overcomes heat.
Stillness and simplicity
put all things right under heaven

 Tao de Ching
Tao de Ching/ 45

The world is disenchanted - don´t let this be true. 


But a picture is a picture and an action is an action. We already managed to synchronize our own history with the history of the world. With the result that we are now looking for our footprints.     Now! 

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This existencial insecurty is spreading globally and simultaneously in the minds of media-networked individuals

Manuela JOhanna Covini


And....this story can only be understood from the perspective of a certain understanding, when thinking becomes learning a gesture of modesty.

Manuela Johanna Covini