TNVP_memories of my future

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                    1. 1. 3         Intuition of the instant

     Nothing continues with such a constancy if your heart is large enough

Manuela Johanna Covini

Time is a reality confined to the instant and suspended between two voids


The thinking mediates the perception

   The restauration of the myth and a sense of wholeness

   The concept of time

   Time and quality
: Dropping out

   Incoherent thinking: Formal thought disorder which appears to the examiner as incomprehensible, erratic and incoherent thinking and speaking. In extreme cases, the person affected only utters seemingly randomly jumbled sentences, groups of sentences or fragments of thoughts without logical, associative or affective links.  Occurrence:

- in schizophrenia, manic phases of bipolar affective disorder, dementia, and the use of psychotropic substances
- in a milder form in dreams as well as in mild clouding of consciousness, e.g. in alcohol consumption.