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                                reality is stubborn

                                take your time to look at things.
                                Some say reality is what appears to our five senses.


Manuela Johanna Covini        Manuela Johanna Covini

                  Manuela Johanna Covini                  What is real?

Nothing seems more real than the world of nature or the everyday objects that surround us, but things are not as they seem.
And certainly not images of all this reality around us.

So where does my longing, my desire for a self-determined and autonomous life drive me?

         Basically this project is about leading a good and simple, resource-saving life, which
means of course living in freedom and peace, in harmony with nature and with all the members of the inner circle, like family
and neighbours and so on....

But reality is more than this. Reality is to accept certain things. Reality comes with active decisions.
           "To make a first step"

                   Manuela Johanna Covini     

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