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              Processes of cognition

               What is a good life?

    Manuela Johanna Covini

      The restauration of the myth and a sense of wholeness

Dr. Manuel Clemens

Adorno... appear as the one

....some thoughts on "good life"......the relationship between concept and object

Schopenhauer describes already around 1830 in his manuscript "Eristic Dialectics" an applicable procedure to appear in a dispute per fas et nefas (Latin: for "by permitted and unpermitted means") to appear as the one who is in the we can say that dialectics is a means to be right, a means to rule and not to find true content...

moral and nature

So why now Negative Dialectics instead of Dialectics?

According to Adorno, pure dialectics has too much in common with instrumental thinking. He recogized that pure dialectics is directed toward: Destroying, elevating, preserving.

And this describes the mechanism of modernity. Our transferences are based on wrong principles. But what is wrong?