Reality is a promise to the future (click here promise 1)

"Some say reality is what appears to our five senses.
But some others say we could tweak the definition by equating reality
with what appears to a sufficiently large group of people,
thereby ruling out subjective hallucinations."

Manuela Johanna Covini   Manuela Johanna Covini   Manuela Johanna Covini  

subjective hallucinations

These are images generated by algorithms. A strange and dangerous beauty.
To visualize or to formulate my questions in this project I will additionally use images
which are created by algorithms. They allow me to prove my fears and anxieties of the
near future, to make the gloom of the future visible. Artificial Intelligence can show
us very concrete image in a disconcerting beauty.
The beauty is the fatal thing.

And later I did not want to talk more about reality and illusion...

About connectedness and freedom
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