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The Birth of Territory

                  The territory is not a historical constant.
But territory then can be understood as a political technology
- as a concept in an ongoing progress

Stuart Elden

The political expresses itself as the interplay of certain economic and
power-strategic factors. Since the end of the Cold War and the 'war on terror',
nation-state containers have been called into question, especially by
globalization processes.

The tensions between state sovereignty and territorial intervention shape our everyday life
(now also in Europe).

The historical development of the concept of territory shows that territory today is to be understood as a political technology.

Stuart Elden writes this in his book published in 2013 with the title The Birth of Territory

       Manuela Johanna Covini

But already in the 1950s, Jean Gottmann described in his book
La politique des États et leur géographie that the "state" cannot be understood
without its spatial definition, its national territory.

But a whole range of our modern concepts of the political were also shaped in the Middle Ages.

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