( I have to change my life ) an experience

Please note:
Your entertainment and distraction is not in ratio to the possibility that the inhibition levels can be lowered doing nothing.

Are you ready?

“But I still go from A to B says my own voice”.

“Yes, the other one in me answered, but it is really not the right time to build virtual realities, because in real reality there is still so much we have to fix. They say we are made of Quantumstuff but we do not behave in a subatomic manner. There is no simultaneous distraction, no turning into multitude possibilities and locations for me. No magic at all. It seems I have to obey to the lie of success and to this truth of numbers. I really have to get rid of the idea that there is a social solution. But at least I have to start from the right point if I want to change something. And this means I have to leave my comfort zone. Now!”

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Are you ready?