You are ready, but modernity remains unfinished because society still wants to increase the spectacle?

Now: This means present, in the moment, today

A small critique of the civilizational impasse and the lost difference between spectacle and experience.

The willingness to outrage has already greatly diminished. The familiar has become alien. Especially in the big city. The big city in the late capitalist social system is the epitome of demarcation, alienation and separation. Its inhabitants are equally disconnected from past and community. They experience, in an unmitigated form, the three fundamental coordinates of existence: finitude, loneliness, and being thrown - this is how the Invisible Committee wrote in 2007.

Return to the wilderness
We have already managed to synchronize our own history with the history of the world. And that was easy, because the ongoing destruction of all historical ties back and all evolved communality has led to the loss of experience. Experience is tied to community. The person in the city acts symbolically on rules and codes, but the event remains undiscovered to him. Time is running faster: everyday life, environment, the circumstances in general, are changing almost every hour. There is no chance to live one′s life with the very first mindset. This is the quality of this time: changes and transformations are enforced. And that means: My attitude, my point of view, my insight is constantly overwritten. With me - or without me. It just happens. But am I more connected with the world? Unfortunately, these overwritings are only working on our verticality...

Going upright

The modern "I" is still working on going upright and making fire. We always say we are sitting on the ruins of previous civilisations. But today it is more than that: We are currently experiencing chaotic states of political argumentation. Without any factual justification, without any logic. And following a dangerous opportunism. And the question we have to ask ourselves is: Who is responsible for objectives today? And it goes much more about a new division of society.
Because now it is obviously no longer about poor or rich, but about infectious or not. The world could not be any fairer. The disagreement about how to keep the world just and habitable for all leads to completely new, absurd and opaque strategies. All the more it becomes important to act responsibly as an individual. But the Good Life and also the search for it, of course, is very complex and raises a multitude of considerations, which now, however, urgently require decisions. Because "my" life can no longer be considered as a purely private ecology.

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