A village is a social organism

( How to leave the comfort zone )


4.1.  The restoration of the myth

The regional seems to be bound to the traditional and creates something like a contrast to the hypermodern. This is wrong.

While in the 60's and 70's it was still completely bourgeois to stay in the village, in the 80's some began to leave the city at least temporarily for a nice second home in Tuscany or a finca in Spain. For some time now, the cities have been overcrowding again, for several reasons. And already a renewed urban exodus is setting in. This time, however, many decide to really get out, but it would be better to say: they want to get in again - into village life.

Not only Corona and now the floods from the heavy rains show, the village is vital. It lives, it has lived - its own dynamics, its own little story, independent and detached from the rapid and dazzling development in the cities. There are regions in Germany that are provinces by virtue of their topography alone, remote, closed off, on the outside. But these remote villages have developed in two directions, according to one study: In one, the inhabitants crawl into passivity and victim mentality. In the other, there is a climate of openness and change.

4.2.  How to leave the comfort zone

The empty reality

Now they say that the dynamics of the big city devour the psyche. The fast, the intense at some point you can't catch up with it anymore. That's true. The city is simply too loud.