memories of my future
Nothing continues with such a constancy if your heart is large enough

( intuition of the instant )

"The increasing intellectualization and rationalization therefore does not mean an increasing general knowledge of the conditions of life under which one stands. But it means something else: the knowledge of it or the belief in it: that one, if one only wanted to, could experience it at any time, that there are therefore in principle no mysterious incalculable powers that play into it, that one can rather control all things - in principle - by calculation. But this means: the disenchantment of the world. No longer, like the savage, for whom such powers existed, one must resort to magical means to control the spirits or to ask them. But technical means and calculation accomplish that. This above all means intellectualization as such."

Max Weber: Science as a profession, Munich 1919

302.  The smallest noticeable difference

(The rupture in civilization) Our concept of time is represented through change, such as the circular motion of the moon arround Earth. The passing of time is indeed closely connected to the concept of space. Something must be in motion to perceive time and time is a reality confined to the instant and suspended between two voids. The question of time must be a question about the quatlity of the moment.

75.  The thinking mediates the perception

(Incoherent thinking) Formal thought disorder which appears to the examiner as incomprehensible, erratic and incoherent thinking and speaking. In extreme cases, the person affected only utters seemingly randomly jumbled sentences, groups of sentences or fragments of thoughts without logical, associative or affective links.  Occurrence:
- in schizophrenia, manic phases of bipolar affective disorder, dementia, and the use of psychotropic substances
- in a milder form in dreams as well as in mild clouding of consciousness, e.g. in alcohol consumption.


Neil Postman said: "We're enjoying ourselves to death, but no one has really understood the problem. Today, the "shopping" generation has at least recognized that we have now consumed ourselves to death. But still, these certain social mechanisms continue to function: this entrenched game of production and commodity relations. They are our anthropological constants, and they have now turned out to be apocalyptic horsemen. But more:
So I live in a world that is, on the one hand, characterized by overconsumption, and on the other hand, increasing virtuality is displacing my reality. Do I live in a world of incoherence? Again: The world is disenchanted - don′t let this be true...


36.  Living in the crisis of imagination

(The restoration of the myth)
If the new is not new, but only a state of variation, then modernity remains unfinished - as an empty reality.
The empty reality of our present. It is not the idea itself or the theory of a concept that is losing its credibility, but it is the increasingly visible structures and mechanisms that are trying with all their might to impose this idea or this theory as the only true and correct one. It is the violence of everything that makes us doubt. This present violence on the things, the nature and the violence on the human being.

The interests of power put themselves like a second skin over the attempts to explain the world. Each attempt of explanation turns out to be a tool of legitimation.
The category "new" is therefore an instrument of progress rather than a property of matter. There is already a separation between function and aesthetics.