This is realities
remember: reality is a promise to the future)

You are ready, but modernity remains unfinished because society still wants to increase the spectacle?




5.1.  The critical point remains unpredictable

According to UN forecasts, around two-thirds of the world's population will live in large metropolises in 2050; today it is already half. The urbanisation rate is often seen as an indicator of a country's industrialisation. But it is precisely here, in the European industrial nations, that people are drawn back to the countryside. Despite immigration from abroad, a counter-trend is to be expected. For population density is rising. In Berlin, for example, about 4090 people live per square kilometer. And a glance at property prices shows: life in the city is becoming more expensive. The struggle for affordable housing is claiming victims.

5.2.  The house with 4 walls

We apreciate two different stages of human culture the nomadic and the sedentary one but in certain moments we experienced a tragic change in our way of living that was only the glimpse of a new focus in the ever lasting process in our relation with our shadow (Jolanta Klysczc).

Today any architecture, even beyond religious attributions, can be atmospherically charged and thus gain an emotional impact power of social, political and cultural relevance.

Today habitat is translated as a basis for a sustainable lifestyle. Where and how is a good life possible? More and more want to do something. Lifestyle becomes an object of research.

Politics needs space

Inside and outside are explicit legal designations. Today, physical and political geographies are largely dissolving because globalisation, thanks to the internet as an additional territory, functions as a colonial method. All the more fulfilling to stand in your own garden.

Far away from wifi and passwords, far away from online and the feeling of being tapped. The green of nature takes a long time to burn itself into the retina as real. But then you can't get away from it.


5.3.  The existence of an immeasurable

They say there is no social solution. And if you want to build all the people of the world a livable housing with access to clean water, with infrastructure such as waste disposal, hospitals, etc., then you would have to build the entire built world just 2 times more.

But the disagreement about how to keep the world just and habitable for all leads to completely new, absurd and opaque strategies. All the more it becomes important to act responsibly as an individual. But the Good Life and also the search for it, of course, is very complex and raises a multitude of considerations, which now, however, urgently require decisions. Because "my" life can no longer be considered as a purely private ecology.