1.3. Those moments of restistance Manuela Johanna Covini

Today's life is an ambivalent experience and the arguments for a "good life" are a narrative of personal experiences and fictional, archaeological conjectures.

But anyway the view into the future is nervous from every perspective.
It is permanently changing and is characterized by the uncertainty of our time.
Never before has the uncertainty of time been so obviously marked by nervousness. Constantly this tension...always...everywhere and also in this western freedom.

Manuela Johanna Covini

1.4. (introduction: memory)

Manuela Johanna Covini1.:

So the human remembrance is ready to make a memory out of the traces of the experiences.
Which we then mostly forget, the most memories fade.
And that is good.
The brain is constantly filtering the abundance of information and impressions that affect us.

Made experiences do not remain what they were.

The unbroken trust in self-regulation (liberal) 

new way of being, moving away from the individual to the collective, to compassion instead of pity, to the recognition that I am part of something whole.
This seems like a simple goal. But still we suffer from an impoverishment of experience (1.3.).
The thing is that for this to happen we have to leave the comfort zone (1.4.: The comfort zone is not a mental scenario).