Arjan Guerrero

Evolutionary Bursts
Arjan Guerrero arbeitet mit KI generierten Bildern, die Organismen zeigen, die ständigen Ausbrüchen der Entfremdung ausgesetzt sind. Tierische und nicht-tierische Objekte transformieren sich im Tempo der technologischen Entwicklung. Das sind keine Kinder der Erde, sondern eher Versuche, die von unserer Zivilisation bemuttert werden.
'Evolutionary Bursts' is a video of sudden animations: evolutionary sequences of AI-generated images displaying several organisms suffering constant outbreaks of alienation. These bursts of artificial life resonate with the accelerating transformation of animal and non animal objects under the pace of technological development and implementation. These objects aren't "Mother Earth's children" but rather samples of the Earth being mothered by our civilization.

                       lecture: The New, New, New World Archive
Arjan Guerrero

                       Freitag/ friday:  19.06.2020 - 21h/ 9pm
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Arjan Guerrero will present The New New New World Archive, a novel dataset for Machine Learning comprising several categories of new new new objects from a future world. This dataset will be of public access, so that the New New New World can infiltrate into the sentience of several AIs and propagate its influence on the transformation of the present material world.