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                1.1.c   (on functional and legitimation concepts))
We are living in a crisis of imagination. The category "new" is an instrument of progress rather than a property of matter. And more important: There is no separation between function and aesthetics in my small, daily activities...    (listen Dr. Manuel Clemens: Schiller and the the aesthetic education of man)

....The empty reality - the void:

1.1.2. (on functional and legitimation concepts)

The order of things!

Why was it, we wondered, that the basic ancient myths were based on the idea of mankinds descent from a Primordial Androgyny?

We realized that we needed a whole new vocabulary even to be able to discuss the alchemical connections and roots of all things.

The mystery deepened the more we looked.


excerpt: Transhumanism by Dr. Joseph P Farrell and Dr. Scott D. de Hart (c) 2011

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