I have to change my life

some instructions for resistance


We all have the feeling that we are on the threshold of the unknown, that a change is imminent, that something new must begin. And we realise that we (still) live in a system that cannot go on like this.

But there is no clear alternative. We are still torn between exhaustion, confusion and fear. We cannot yet formulate clear visions because we are still too caught up in our daily comforts and thus dependent on the structures that modern, globalised life has created.

The necessary liberation from this superstructure sounds too much like a life without smartphones. Do you ever want to live without the internet again? Never!!!

So how is resistance to succeed if individuals are not prepared to make their lives as self-sufficient and independent as they could and should be?

The resistance that is called for today is a resistance against one's own desires, rituals and needs...things I don`t need.


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