The community of Coyomeapan

...some experiences in resistance
(This page is dedicated to a courageous friend: Claudia Martínez Sánchez )

Violations of the human rights of the indigenous people of Coyomeapan, in the Sierra Negra region of Puebla

On May 9th, 2022, the Puebla government gave indications for the assassination, with the use of the statal police, of indigene defenders of the Sierra. Among them, they killed a 14 years old child, Omar Herrera Raymundo, and the indigene farmers Marcelo Carrera Reyes and Teófilo Barrera Herrera.

Even it′s known that the Sierra Negra is a land of oblivion, indifference, margination, inequality and discrimination, it′s also known that it has never been whipped by criminal groups as the Celestinos, until that come the presence of the Minera Autlán to the region with its hydroelectric project.
Since 11 years ago, the Celestinos have applied the revolver′s law: the one who don′t kneel down before their law, is jailed, disappeared or killed. The natives in the Sierra Negra, embed in the region of God and the authority′s oblivion, had been report, since one year ago, the dispossession of large areas of their lands for the construction of their houses and the exploration of the earth with bores as part as the hydroelectric project that pretends to devastate all the Sierra Negra.
The media barely get into to realize a journalistic radiography of the sceneries of margination, poverty and fear that the Coyomeapan natives have suffered for 11 years. Just a few of journalists deeply investigate the corruption in the Sierra Negra around the Minera Autlán.

The following text is an other fragment from the introduction of the book Barbosa El Traidor del Pueblo:

"The Sierra Negra Poblana is a marine color eclipse, from it bright a light that combines the divinity′s mother life with the indigos of the mountains. From the big rocks slide purple colors. Its beauty is an inheritance from the mother life and the mother water. Its wild mountains are a bright whirl.
When you come into the universe of its spirals, the sky and earth get naked and becomes lovers; they both kiss each other, but in the downing the play as winter, spring and wetness to reach the eternity.
Their sons and daughters are a heritage from the bronze skin. They are those who preserve the blood of our antecessors, the indigenes, also the guardians of the earth. Their expressive and ripped dark eyes hold grooves of the sun, there are built with the work of the earth. The men are sons of the apple-tree and plum-tree. The women are sprouts of the peach′s flower. All of them are brothers of
the pine and the oak, maybe this is the reason for they to defend with his freedom and life their forests, mountains and rivers.

Some walk through lanes with wood on their backs, others carry water cubes and look for the light of the day with the first ray from the sun to work the earth. Their children are genes from the bloody conquest and, as a damn, are still pursued."

Violations of the human rights of the indigenous people of Coyomeapan, in the Sierra Negra region of Puebla

Another text fragment:

"They know that its mother is ambushed. It′s the Sierra Negra, mother of all nahua zapoteca natives.
It has been outraged as just as its sons. Its louds are strident, very strident; nobody listens. They loud: Help, justice, freedom! They strongly loud, very strong, nevertheless, nobody listens.
Sierra Negra de Puebla whipped by caciques and criminal groups.
The Coyomeapan′s wind smells like coffee, tabaco and fear. In its emerald thickness, the hills hold the spirits and souls of the natives in the Sierra Negra′s region, in a place by the capricious blue colors of the nature. Only they are blessed in the good living of the mother earth: so close from the sky, the clouds, the rains... and so far from justice.

In the dawn of June 6th, it listened the fear from the mountains of Coyomeapan: hooded men, from Nayarit and Veracruz, with large weapons began to terrify the golden carpet of fireflies which enlightened the darkness to love them between the forests; everyone at the Sierra identifies them as the Celestinos, the town caciques, authors of the insecurity and violence in these lands.
The indigene families that go inside in the Sierra are the ones whose lives from what the earth provides them. These families, that lives in tejamaní and wood huts, have been the most pursued ones for 11 years, since the Celestino′s arrival. But on June 6th, the Celestino′s abuses went to far: many homes were attacked along the dawn by this criminal group to force them, with gun in hand, to vote for the candidate that belongs to this mafia, Rodolfo García López, from Nayarit ―husband of the recently elected federal deputy, Araceli Celestino Rosas―. Those which had the best part, were those who received a 1000 to 2000 MXN offer for their vote and those who were snatched their credentials."


“The state government purpose was realizing a slaughter to all the native defenders of human rights, which just want to safeguard the water, the land and its forests...”

Claudia Martínez Sánchez, 2022

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