The World

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This is the crisis of Western paradigms

About dwarves:
Characteristic of dwarves is their wisdom. Dwarves are also often said to have superhuman strength and power. They are said to be cunning and magical, sometimes stingy and treacherous, but mostly helpful.
Old dwarves have always been somehow unruly, unbending and stubborn anyway...(which are good prerequisites for upheaval and change).
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Upheaval and Change

First of all let us dream of a world that no longer needs resistance. In which all circumstances are so happily put together that everyone is content and safe. That all conditions are created so that survival is not a struggle for anyone. Neither for individuals nor for communities.

So that would be the vision. But the reality is different.

Because governments around the world have now lost their power over corporations and global economic power. The world is now ruled and dominated by a few large corporations. These essentially set new laws and policies. Packaged and wrapped  in our comforts and dependencies. 

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