The world in general

...another multidirectional view
( introduction 2 )

This is the crisis of Western paradigms

The world is not only big and complex, it has paradoxically become narrower.
The distance to the other can no longer be maintained. This phenomenon is intricate and, above all, subtle. And it makes itself felt as an unpleasant feeling. No matter how much one wants to secure a distance to the world by taking backward steps. You don't succeed. The world - that is suddenly me...

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This flooding with images and information, news - this demands and causes our participation in the world. And it is difficult to escape this incorporation.

Images not only awaken dreams that are not ours, they also appeal to our emotions. In most cases, the account number of a relief organisation is also written under the picture. Please help!! Show solidarity!

Yes - show solidarity - in everyday life, with your neighbours, in the old people's home around the corner. This could become swarm behaviour.

The  swarm theory  has found out that the individual fish or bird only concentrates on its immediate neighbours and orients itself according to them in its own behaviour.
The individual fish/bird does not know the big picture at all. It makes the same decision as its neighbours.

This reads dangerously like followership - but this flocking behaviour is actually based on only a few laws.
In general, starlings, for example, keep at least one wing span distance from each other. A change in direction of the flock is not necessarily decided at the head of the flock. Each individual can cause a change of direction, and the whole flock reorganises itself as a result. This has the advantage that it prevents always following only one "leader". Extreme behaviour can thus be avoided, because the individual can take his own path, which other direct members follow - a movement that becomes larger and larger and can thus prevent the whole swarm from "disadvantageous" behaviour.
Advantage of swarm behaviour is shown when approaching predators, because here the swarm condenses to make it more difficult to target an individual and attack the enemy specifically.
In birds, sometimes even the bird of prey is so enclosed by the flock that it has to drop down unable to fly.

A dilemma!

The disinhibition of this society is as visible as it is dangerous

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