Start here with leaving the spectacle

( Exercises for the future )

I have managed to synchronise my life with the world. Now, I try to escape.

There has existed a considerable amount of narratives, and yet the understandings of the whole period modernity is a sad error. The promise of progress and prosperity has forced homogeneity but not justice, peace and happiness.

This promise has thus become a generalized but unvaried historical canon. As a result, it seems impossible to grasp and comprehend the multiple and complex turns throughout this historical period. But do we really have to waste time anaylizing this Gordian knot, trying to grasp some of those threads? We will need these hours and we will have only this one life available despite vaccinations. So what is a good and right life, how do I fill the years, the hours, the moments? These questions seem to me the most urgent.

Why not break into areas that elude economization as much as possible? Somehow it's about returning to the wilderness, about concentrating on the essentials. To get out of the surfeit, out of the saturated prosperity in the West. The world provides us with everything we materially desire; and yet we look for sanctuaries, for refuges, for escapes that leave us our space. It is the flight of the capitalist into the silence.

Nr. 4   The open space

A small, safe place in an uncertain, unsettling world...

Refuges are places of retreat, shelter and refuge. 
At the same time they are also unexplored spaces. 
They can hide in many places, but especially where we do not expect them: 
in interpersonal dialogue, 
in art or in dreams. 

In places where we are free with our sensations and inclinations. 
There, where we are thrownback on ourselves 
- without external control and justification." 
					Tano Gerke