Riding the Storm

Breathing Freedom


         We are all the storm, we cause it - with all our little daily desires.
With our desperate attempts to get out of our personal unhappiness. Still we want more, we always want something else. Even today, we can be made to feel that we need this or that. Advertising, manipulation is everywhere and the greed for everything is unbroken...

We have to free ourselves from this. Basically, we have to resist ourselves. That is the challenge. Being happy and satisfied is not something you achieve through hyperconsumption.
As the Invisible Committee wrote at the end of 2017:
"The destructive force of the revolutionary process can do nothing without that charge of quiet positivity inherent in any happy existence."
So the individual is addressed - it's about the question of happiness and new ways of living that enable the individual to escape the system. Refusal and silence instead of noisy proclamations. There will be no overthrow of the existing order without a commitment to a desirable life.

We have known this for almost two generations now. And it was seen coming, but successfully suppressed again and again.
And now it's here: the super disaster. The shelves are empty, the supply has come to a standstill, even though there is still a bit of production left. But resources are running out, the soil is drying out, the insects and bees are gone.

Nevertheless, you get even more happily shopping and consuming people on board.

But hyperconsumption is collapsing because it is eating itself up.
And now they are desperately looking for someone to blame.

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