That is not true. Not yet.
That is true, but not here.

The connection of image and truth

FROM image to spectacle

Theoretically we know it: an image is not an unquestionable guarantor of past reality.
Images unfold their own dynamics...

How does bindingness arise?

If the modern temples only refer to an old event in order to establish a binding force, this will no longer succeed in the sense of the objective.

The goal must be: Peace
Bazon Brock


Images have an immensely real effect on the human brain. Studies of the processes that take place in the brain while looking at an image have shown: Information in pictures is received like information from reality. Regardless of whether we are looking at reality or an image of (supposed) reality: Exactly the same areas of the brain are always activated and the same reactions are evoked.

The project Riding the Storm explores this web of pitfalls, challenges, promises and hopes of our "postmodern" life. One particularly treacherous promise is the promise of the images we have been presented with for generations.

The romantic image of the apocalypse from the 1970s has not succeeded in holding up in the flood of events of recent years. But the events became a flood of data.

And we thought they were just images.

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