The Method of the Moment

some remarks on red

Another fetish in the spectacle

In societies where modern conditions of production prevail, all life presents itself as an immense accumulation of spectacles. Everything that was directly lived has moved away into a Guy Debord in the 70th. Fifty years later: It is clear that the current economic system does not produce happiness, but neurosis, alienation and inequality..

Kafayi yemek! Ich esse meinen Kopf! I am going to eat m head off!


When the hormones released in the body due to the extreme state of anger deactivate the brain,
the vortex field kicks in and begins to manage the self of the human chromosomes.
( Usually the phrase said in tripe in case of defeat of the whole head...)

Through dissolution to a new horizon
My position in the world has shifted, nothing seems to be right any more,
nothing that gave me orientation is still in its rightful place.
My position in the world - it now demands something completely different from me...

Kafayi yemek!

Help! My own desires and goals have overtaken me,
are in conflict with what I can actually still allow myself today - in view of the whole.
And by this whole, I mean the world.

So where exactly is my place?
Is it about the concept of identity again?

Manuela Johanna Covini
images: Manuela Johanna Covini

Disorientation, confusion, feeling lost - this is a method of torture, this is how breaking one's will works.

But the quality of the moment is also an opportunity.
The moment of catching one's breath, of pausing before the state of hormones overheats.
Drive yourself crazy.

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Our group exhibition: There are many styles from different approaches to motivation and production that we show together here. What is important to us are the synchronicities discovered in dialogue. Because, symbolically, only the common denominator of the different understandings of our current global insecurity can lead to a solution. So before we all eat our heads - let's look for the commonalities of our despair.

 48h Neukölln Festival 2022      
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